Parenting Facepalm


Being a parent means constantly DRIVING the struggle bus.

Today at Starbucks, I went to change Autumn’s diaper. She did her cool trick where she pees as soon as I remove her diaper. So, she peed all over the new diaper (the one I had placed directly under the old one prior to removal), her outfit, the changing pad, and changing table.

I hadn’t brought her diaper bag to the bathroom with me. So I carried my half naked baby out into Starbucks and grabbed her bag. She didn’t have a spare outfit. Turns out, I had not replaced her spare outfit from the last time she had a very public blow out. She had a cardigan, a fuzzy vest, two pairs of socks, two blankets, two bibs, several toys, and an assortment of diapers ranging from sizes newborn to 3...but no change of clothes. 🤦‍♀️

So, I removed her outfit, put her in the cardigan and her pants (they were thankfully clean), and zipped her jacket up. She came home rocking this sweet fashion statement: