Sleep training???


I need advice. I have a 2.5 mo old daughter who fights sleep! It usually takes 2-3 hours to get her to sleep., tonight it’s taking over 2.... (Usually once we get her down her long stretches of sleep are only 2-3.5 hrs .. so I’m still getting up several times a night) We’re trying to sleep train her to fall asleep on her own, she does pretty good during the day but night time is always a battle. Is it normal to take this long? I refuse to have her fall asleep in my arms and carefully set her in the bassinet bc I’m trying to get her to learn to fall asleep with out me rocking or bouncing her to bed.

I’ve tried early and late bed time routines, I know she does better with a later bedtime. I’ve tried the mommy’s bliss gripe water but she had a weird reaction. I sometimes use the probiotic +calm. I also give gas drops. I do use a swaddle. (These are all things I’m not 100% know if they help but I think they do) I know she’s tired, she gives us the sleepy cues.... we bounce her for 5-10 mins, she is drowsy but awake. Lay her in the crib , shortly after she’s crying, I took the Cara Babies sleep program and follow the steps. After doing the SITBACK I pick her up and do the whole process over and over, and before we know it it’s 2 hours. We’ve done this process 8 times tonight. It’s exhausting. Maybe it’s cluster feeding but when I offer the breast she gets even more frustrated.

I don’t want to give up and just bounce her into deep sleep and lay her down because I feel like that’s not training her to fall asleep on her own! Any suggestions?? We use the Hatch Baby, she doesn’t care for a Nuk very often (trying to avoid using that as a sleep prop anyway) she’s too young to use the ‘cry it out’ method. I just feel so defeated. Or maybe this is normal? Not sure what’s normal with it being our first baby.