In laws (rant)

TLTR: in laws suck at parenting and tries to tell me how to parent

So my sister in law has two children, one 6 and one 10 months old. She lives with my husbands parents and brother. She had her children taken away when the youngest was born because she had meth in her system. She got them back a few months ago. We(my husband, and my 8 month old) visited them yesterday for the first time in months and it was just terrible. My husbands parents had CPS called on them all the time when he and his siblings were younger because of how they were living so I already don’t let my kid stay with them ever, or let them watch him. The house is disgusting, not just dirty. My house is dirty so I don’t really care about cleanliness usually, but their house was just filthy. They have two huge dogs who jumped on my baby and scratched him, making him scream and all they did was laugh. They weren’t watching the babies at all. They didn’t care what they were doing. The older one was being really rough with the younger one. All of them are smokers and they smoke in the house and it reeks. They let the baby crawl akywhere in the house that he wants. And then they freaking tried to tell me how to parent!!! Like WTH. I have more stuff but this is getting too long