Baby throws up A LOT

My two weeks old is exclusively breastfed and he throws up a lot. Not talking about a little spit up, I mean soaking me and the bed entirely. Throwing up everything he just ate and more. It doesn't happen every time I feed him, but it's at least once a day. He spits up with every feeding though. I guess it's normal as long as he continues to gain weight, but is it anything I can do to make it better? Every time it has happened I have burped him, should I wait a bit with burping him and not do it immediately after? He always burps so I guess he needs it. I'm afraid he'll get tummy ache if I don't burp him. Is there any breastfeeding position that will make it better? I've recently tried having him a bit more in a sitting up position rather than laying down, but I haven't noticed a difference so far.