???? Ultrasound question


I had an ultrasound this morning due to some bleeding last week. Everything is ok and I’m measuring 2 days behind at 6w4d however the doctor asked if I had a heart shaped uterus, which I wasn’t sure but she said if so I would’ve been made aware in my previous pregnancies. She asked if twins run in our families which they don’t in mine but my SO was adopted so he isnt even sure. Then she kept searching for a second baby and saying “just let me check one last time”. She said she only found 1 babe but wants me back in ten days for a follow up. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it safe to assume there’s only one baby in there since that’s all she could find today? Would she have been fully able to see a second babe if that was the case? Lol I’m kind of freaking out!

Pic of my lil bean 😍