Setting Limits

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice or strong opinions on my current situation. Because I don’t know what to do anymore.

My daughter father and I have been separate for some time but a while back we have been getting along together like a normal family. He has his place and I have my home he sometimes sleeps over and he would ask me sometimes to pack him lunch in the mornings, we eat dinner together and go out together.

My mom said she didn’t agree with the sleepovers and him coming in and coming out of the house she said he’s either planning and staying and being stable with both of you or he’s leaving and only on weekends he can visit.

I asked him “what are we?” Are we getting back together or what?”

He said “where is this coming from who is getting in your head?”

What are your opinions how do I know if he’s serious about us or not so that I don’t get my hopes up. What is something different that I can do about all this