Please tell me I'm not alone


Hi ladies,

I know that this is probably all normal with some babies...but I just need some reassurance and to vent.

I'm a FTM, and My son is 3 weeks old as of yesterday. The first two weeks of his life, he literally snuggled, slept and ate (which I know is how most newborns are). After two weeks, it was literally like a switch was flipped. He woke up one morning screaming, and I literally feel like he hasn't stopped since. If he isn't sleeping or eating, he's crying. Now I know about purple crying...and I know babies just cry for no reason sometimes...but I feel like it can't be normal for him to cry all day every day. Not only that, but it looks like he's in pain while he's crying. He's formula fed (please no shaming...I've had a hard time mentally with the decision I made to stop breastfeeding), and I swear the crying is because of constipation or being in pain from gas or something...but I'm literally just heart broken because I swear he's in pain and there's nothing I can do for him 😢😢. I've been giving gas drops, and he has an appointment with his pediatrician on Monday, but I feel like they are just going to tell me that all the crying is normal and my mama instincts are telling me something is wrong. Anyone else in this boat...or maybe have been in the past?

All the crying and the guilt I feel is weighing so heavy on me mentally. I haven't gone a day without sobbing since this started happening. I want to enjoy my beautiful baby and I feel like I'm not right now. I'm just constantly on pins and needles waiting for him to start crying inconsolably again. 😭

I know this is a long rant. Thank you anyone who actually read it, and congrats to you all on your beautiful children ❤️