You do not screw with a pregnant women’s food!! 11 weeks pregnant and this just happened at Harvey’s😡

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So went to Harvey to get dinner with my hubby. Ordered our meals and in which they ask what you want on your burgers and MAKE it in front of you. So get back in the car and hubby drives home. Get inside and open up our meals to find my husband saying “you only got a poutine” (when I got a chicken burger AND poutine) ohhhh the fury in my voice ladies!!! I was so pissed I almost cried (but held it back).

Got into my car (I only give about 5 mins away) which I know isn’t far but still let me tell you how pissed and hungry I was. So got in my car and called them twice on the way there to inform them I’m on my way and nobody picks up. So I get there and there’s another huge line up again. The girl who forgot my damn burger was beside the one who said “can I help you” and I said yup. I’d like a manager please. Manager comes up and I say “I’m pregnant, pissy and you guys forgot my burger. I drove home and now I’m back. Handed her the bag with my poutine (hubby already had his stuff eating back at home) and I continued “I want my food re-made also I would like my money back, this is ridiculous” I expected the money I paid for the burger not all of it btw and to my surprise she gave me all the money back ($27) and my burger and poutine. Mind you I think my poutine was the same one with a few extra fries added in and okay whatever, I’ll take it lol.

But I’m pretty sure they did not want to f*ck with pregnant me. And they were wise on that one 😩🤦🏼‍♀️🙈 poor manager but dang, you have ONE job and how the hell do you make my burger right in front of me yet turn around to put everything else in the bag and then forget it?!?!? You do not do that to a hungry pregnant women!!! 🤣😂😡

I do have to say..up until this point I have been pretty calm lmao so this was definitely my first blow up. Oops.