Husband would rather hang with friends than come check on me😔

Am I wrong to feel hurt? I’ve been extremely nauseous all day and this isn’t typical for me since I’m already 22w and never even really had nausea in the beginning of pregnancy. I’ve been feeling bad since last night, and decided to stay home today. As soon as I told my husband that, he got off work early and was ready to come home to take care of me. I knew he had some errands to run, so I said no, run your errands and then come home. He said okay and that he’d bring me ginger ale etc when he got done.

Well he had to stop at a friends house after work and called me asking if it’s ok if he stays to have a few beers. This really upset me. He was so concerned earlier to the point of wanting to take me to the hospital. Now he just wants to stay and hang out with his friends. I’m honestly really hurt. He acted so concerned and said he’d bring me things to make me feel better. I said yes it’s fine stay I’ll have my mom bring me my things. He kept asking if it was okay (obviously he knew it wasn’t if he kept asking) and i just cut the conversation short and hung up.

Thanks for reading ladies. It’s nice to run things like this by you all just to make sure I’m not just being hormonal