To Text or no text-please help!

My long distance boyfriend is really bad at communication no matter how many times i've explained to him. He has been my boyfriend for 3 years but i feel we dont really have much of a relationship anymore like we barely talk unless i intiate. We havent officially broken up.. but doesnt feel like a relationship is there either.

Ive had guys hit on me and show interests but ive always turned them down only to regret it later bc i'm torn between loving my boyfriend but not feeling happy and thinking maybe there is something better and im missing out on oppurtunities.

I had a guy give me his number today and when he asked if i was single i literally stumbled on my answer bc it feels like i am even though im not sure if i am. I took his number and now im contemplating whether to text him and give this a chance but i feel so guilty.

I love my boyfriend but rarely feel that love gets reciprocated. Ive communixated this to him but things rarely change...