Advice ?!

Hi so I’m anonymously posting for a reason. I’m bisexual and I’m 17. I’m female not that it matters. I’m in a relationship with another girl. Now this girl is amazing and makes me crazy happy. Only catch is she lives 4 hours away from me (kinda ldr) and we’ve never met. It’s been 5 months now and we really want to meet. However my mum especially is giving me a really hard time.

She will refer to my relationship as being in a relationship with my phone and try to tell me that I’m wasting time and she could be lying and I can’t love someone I’ve never met. I understand bc my girl has made a few mistakes mainly getting drunk but I can’t help the way I feel. I don’t want anyone else. My mum will try and tell me to date my other bisexual friend bc thats what she would prefer. However it’s getting me down badly. Yesterday was awful mum went full on everything I did was wrong my appearance to how I eat . Everything was wrong. I know mum said she won’t accept I’m bisexual till I’m 25. Whereas my girls family namely her mom is always there for me saying some amazingly nice things and picking me up wen I’m down. I can count on them. I hurt me yesterday to be crying for a motherly hug and looking at my mum thinking but not you I want my girls mum.

I guess what I’m trying to ask is how do I deal with these feelings and thoughts because she’s now effecting my mental health. I can’t talk to her because she flips out at me or snaps it’s so hard for me to deal with this just me my gf and her mum due to them being so far away