Boyfriend pay off my credit card?


OK so my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday that’s coming up in a week and maybe two weeks ago he went And bought me stuff from the tarte deal which was seven items for $63 so I figured that was gonna be my birthday present.

Well, we were talking last night and I was talking about how I have some bills due this week and I was worried about how I was gonna pay them because although I work a lot I don’t really make a lot of money and he was like “why dont I for your birthday present pay off your credit card so you don’t have to worry about that” and I know he was like he wasn’t joking about it because he does make considerably more money than I do and he has less bills than I do he was really serious about giving me the money to pay it off because it upsets him that every month I worry so much about my bills.

And while my credit card debt is only like 250$- to me that’s a lot of money to just give me. And I know it would be a big help to not worry about that with Christmas right around the corner but I feel terrible taking money from him even though he seriously wants to pay it off for me.

Should I let him pay this off for me as my birthday present? He said he would pay this off and give me the Tarte kit as my Christmas present.