Breastfeeding vs pumping support needed


My son is 2 weeks old and has had trouble latching since my milk came in. I’ve been alternating between pumping and bottle feeding, and breast feeding when he will latch. I hired a lactation consultant who made it seem so easy to feed when she was with me, but I haven’t gotten him to latch since. I’m finding I’m getting anxiety every time he gets hungry about breast feeding him. Exclusively Pumping and bottle feeding is exhausting and very time consuming though. I have had to supplement a few times with formula because his poop seems to be a bit more green lately than yellow and I’m worried he’s not getting the proper ratio of hind/foremilk.

I’m not looking for judgement, I know breast milk and breastfeeding if possible is good for my baby but I’m at the point of my sanity being effected. I have an extreme sense of guilt over the fact that I want to give up trying and the thought of “it’s only been 2 weeks”.

Am I alone on this or have any other new moms experienced this hopelessness too. At what point does sanity trump? I’ll note my baby is well above his birth weight, happy and no issues apart from the recent greenier poop.