Is it normal for us to be fighting this much? Read full question in comments

I’m not looking for any bashing just friendly honest opinions and possible experiences of your own if you can. My bf of 6 years and I have finally moved in together, but it’s a tiny studio and I feel cramped and I’m learning more about him now that we’re living together but I’m also noticing that we are bickering sooo much more and I’m terrified that this is a bad sign for us. We’ve always spent so much time together we were practically living together that’s how much we were together but we always had our parents house to go to if we needed space or if we had a fight and needed to get over it and recharge but now that’s all changed and there’s no private time. Especially not in this tiny studio with low ceilings 🙄🙄. I’m scared all of this fighting is a foreshadow of us not working out. I have no one to ask if it’s normal as I’m the first of my friends to live with her bf.

So is this common? It’s been four months now. Does it get easier? How can we lessen our fighting?

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