So me and my husband have been together for 3 and a half years. He’s on child support and pays $358 a week. He doesn’t make a lot of money so usually more than half his check goes to that. Well I make decent money and I’ve always had to cover more of the bills then him, I didn’t mind honestly and I would never throw it in his face and when he needed clothes or anything( gas,cigarettes, food)

I would always offer up. Well we moved out of state (long story) we are staying with his mom till my license was transferred and we get back on our feet. Well he’s doing grub hub and makes decent money and I just started working on Monday. Well he’s been making comments like my money or what do you need money for or oh your going to go waste my money or just what I feel hurtful comments. And I am like wow for years I’d give my last to him if he needed it. I’ve also in the time I was waiting for my license transfer I would go to work with him and watch the car and etc for 8 to 12 hours sometimes. I know it’s his money but c’mon I am with you all day no complaints unless I had to pee or something but I was a good co pilot. But he still didn’t give me any money or when I would ask he’d get upset and it hurts because he knows I am not at a place yet to fend for myself. Well not till this next Friday when I get my first check. And then I can help myself but as a married couple I always felt like our money not my money or things like that. Am I being to sensitive or am I wrong? He use to say oh wow babe look how much WE made today and I’d reply and say YOU made today and hes like well you helped me and I am like well god forbid I ask for $20 or anything you blow a gasket. Idk 😐 what’s everyone’s take on this? I am not a mean or rude person or selfish I would honestly give my last to a stranger If I had it but I don’t like this helpless feeling.