Still can’t believe he’s here!

Nina • Nov 16, ‘19 💙

I’ve spent my whole pregnancy reading everyone’s birth stories. I remember feeling like my time was never going to come! I used to get so impatient. I’m so happy that now I get to share my story with y’all and hopefully y’all enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed others.

Ok so last night at around 10:30 pm - 10:45 pm I was lying in bed on my phone. Everything was fine and then I felt an actual popping feeling inside my vagina. I brushed it off because I didn’t feel any wetness. About 10 minutes later, I move to get more comfortable. That’s when I felt a small gush. Here I’m thinking great did I pee? 😂 I stand up to go to the restroom and when I do it’s like someone turned the faucet on. I had so much liquid fish out. I made it quickly to the restroom & realized it was a clear odorless liquid and I thought no way this is pee. At the same time, I wasn’t convinced it was my water either because I had zero contractions. I slapped a panty under in and spent the next 25 minutes debating on whether to call my doctor or not. After realizing it’s better safe than sorrry I call my doctors and let her know what happened.

I head to labor and delivery to confirm if it was my water. At this point I’m getting excited because the idea that I might have my baby boy soon is becoming more real. The nurses check me and try seeing if they can get fluid to leak out by making me couch. No luck. They use the little tool that opens you up (I forget what it’s called) to see if there’s liquid pooled near my cervix. There was barely enough to wet the qtip and send it to the lab. I was feeling discouraged that it wasn’t my water because the nurses said I was basically dry inside. So I mentally prepared myself to hear that my waters were still intact. I was feeling so down I’m not going to lie. Lol. But then they come back & turns out it was my water that broke! I was so happy!

Since I was having zero contractions with ruptured waters they decided to induce. Let me tell you I was so disappointed when I found out I wasn’t going to be able to walk around or use the yoga ball to labor because of my breakage. I was stuck to the bed until I had this baby. We get checking into a room and pitocin is administered at 2:50 am. It did not take long for these contractions to pick up! Soon I was having them every two minutes laying a minute long. I managed to last until 7 am & I was done. I snatched up the opportunity to get the epidural because there was only one anesthesiologist & he was about to go do two c sections. Now or never I thought lol. Epidural went great. I ended up taking a nap until 10:30. At that time my doctor came in to check me. I was 4cm and 80% thinned. Contractions were not being felt because of the epidural. After she checks me she ends up popping the rest of my water that had been trapped behind babies head.

The pain was instant let me tell you. The epidural ended up not working & I would have to turn side to side to get it back on track. The contractions were so bad I spent the rest of my labor throwing up 😣 during them. I got zofran but the pain was so intense it only worked for about 30 minutes. By 11:30 I started feeling pressure down there. I reached down and could feel my babies head bulging. I call the nurse & she tries to say it’s my catheter I’m feeling 🙄 like c’mon I know the difference between my babies head and a catheter lol. She checks me reluctantly & little do you know I was 9cm already. The next hour I spent having the worst contractions while vomiting. Each time I would throw up my body would bare down until baby was about to pop out. My mom in law calls the nurses back because at this point I’m dry heaving so much at any moment his little head was going to come. They check me and have me do a practice push. I didn’t even push fully when they yelled to stop and went for my doctor. Took about 10 minutes to set up and when I tell you I pushed for less than 3 minutes I did. Two pushes & he was out! Everyone was so surprised I progressed so fast & delivered even faster. I had a small 1st degree tear that only needed two stitches. He was born at 12:30 pm, 7.5 pounds, 20.25 inches long. I still can’t believe he’s here sleeping in my arms! ❤️❤️

Hopefully this wasn’t all over the place. I’m still trying to get my bearings lol