Leopard gecko

I need help from those who have leopard geckos, any geckos, or a reptile in general

Okay so I got a leopard gecko about 3 weeks ago.. I have him a week to warm up to his new home because a teenager bought him from a pet store and then brought him home and their mom was mad so she had to get rid of him so now I have him

So like I said I gave him a week to try to get used to being at my house and I would just talk to him and feed him and that’s it.. I didn’t put my hands by him (aside to feed him) until week 2

Well it’s week 3 like I said and he isn’t warming up to me at all... I will put my hand down in front of him for him to smell and lick but he won’t walk over my hand or any of that

I tried petting him super gently on the back with my finger and I think it spooked him because he went and hid under his rock

Today I tried a little harder to bond with him and spent more time with my hand in his care for him to smell and lick but I think I pushed it a little too much for him to like me because every time I go in my room now, he stops what he’s doing and hides under his rock