Help! What should I say or do?! Landlord problems

Tiffany • 20 years old. Baby #2 due August 19! Trying to live life happy and healthy.

Awhile back I posted about how my landlord was going to make me and another tenant pay 60/40 on utilities. It’s a 4,500 sqt home and he made it into 2 units. My landlord jumped the gun on buying this place and he didn’t know a thing about it. I’ve lived here 2 years before he bought this place.

*Back to where I’m at right now.*

Someone moved onto the other unit. My landlord is suppose to put the bills into him name and both of us (A&B) will be paying half the bills in half. This bills are still in MY name. The landlord was going to make it as the bills were going to be in my name and the other unit pay me half but I stressed to him that I don’t want to deal with the headache of them not paying and me being stuck with it. Okay so the other tenant has lived over there for 2 weeks now. They use the same amount of heat (gas) as we do because it is all controlled from my side which I’m not too worried about. Our gas bill isn’t shit. But our electric bill on the other hand.... is ridiculous. Just from me, my son and my fiancé is about $200-$$250 a month. Now, I’m scared to see my next one. I am really possessed that my landlord hasn’t switched the bills over knowing that the other unit is being rented. I don’t know what to do??? Do I ask the other unit to pay a part of the bill? Do I ask my landlord?? Ever since he bought this place, it’s been nothing but a headache! I just don’t feel like I should have to pay for that... they also leave the lights on all day... UGH!!

We are finding another place to live at the moment because the rent here is $800 and plus $200 in just utilities here is way too much for what it is. I’m the only one working and I’m a waitress so it’s not guaranteed. I cannot wait to move away from here!