Stupid little cheater

Damn, I swear so many people are cheaters and such assholes.

I was dating my ex boyfriend for almost 4 years. We started dating when he was 17 and I was 18. I got him his first job which was where I worked, at a restaurant. And then we both quit and started working together at another place. We were inseparable. Had the same shifts, hung out before and after work. It was perfect. We had arguments, thought and we eventually broke up about one year in, and the break up didn’t even last one day. We were being foolish and immature. We got back together and everything went back to being so perfect. Or so I thought. I quit the job we both worked at because I wanted to go somewhere I could get a higher compensation. He stayed behind but we were still inseparable.

At this point we’re at 3 1/2 years together and he gets an opportunity to become an assistant manager for the company and they transfer him to a new store that will open up soon. He gets to hire new people and the first month of him being there was hard. He was working late until almost 3 or 4 in the morning. But I always went to visit him and he would ask if I could take him some food, so I would.

Anyways a couple months pass and I sense something. I just felt like something was off and one night I decided to go visit him at work and it was almost midnight. I brought him food and he was being an asshole to me for no reason. And I asked what was wrong and he was just saying “nothing god nothing” and I just tried getting it out of my head. He tells me he’ll be closing and won’t be off until 2:30 or 3 am and I say okay. (Also forgot to mention we don’t live together but I was very close with his mom so she would let me spend weekends over at their house) but this particular weekend I had to be up early for a work related event and be at Disneyland at 4:00am so I wasn’t going to be spending the night at his mom’s place. So around 3:30 I get a message from dumbass ex and says he’s off work and that he’s on his way home and that he’ll text me when he gets home. 10 minutes later he says he’s home and is gonna knock out because he’s so tired and ready to sleep. I said okay but I just remember that morning at Disneyland I was so nervous and felt like something was off. The event ended around 7:30 and at this point his mom calls me. I was immediately like “oh fuck” because yes, her and I were close, but there would be no reason for her to call me early without first texting me. I answered and she calmly asks if dumbass is with me. My heart sank to my asshole at this point. I was like uhhh no and she proceeded to tell me he had never made it home and that his car wasn’t in the parking area. I tell her that he texted me he was home and was in bed about to sleep. She freaks out and I leave Disneyland so quickly and start driving towards his house. I called him maybe 10 times within that half hour and texted him and his mom was calling him nonstop, too. Finally, he answers his phone and says he’s on his way home, and that he’ll explain everything. He finally gets home. As soon as I see him, I notice he looks tired. And his eyes were red. Kind of like when you wake up really abruptly and rub your eyes— that kind of red. And I see him chewing gum. I’m very observant, and at this point, I’ve been with him a long time, and I know he doesn’t chew gum. EVER. I immediately ask where he was and who the fuck he was with. He said nobody and that he promises he wasn’t with anyone else. His alibi? That he was thinking about our fight that night and he needed to drive to get his mind off of things. This bitch told us he drove around from 3:30 til almost 9 all morning by himself. I didn’t buy it. I went home and told my sister that he was lying and I was going to go to break up with him. I went to his house later that day and tried breaking up with him. He begged and begged for me not to leave him. Honestly, I’m a dumbass because I fell for it and decided to leave that behind us. Remember this day, keep it in mind, because it’s a crucial point.

So as we move on, I start noticing that this girl from his work, dumbass #2, starts acting weird whenever I go to visit. Normally all the people working there are so nice and welcoming to me. But whenever I was there, she would ignore me or not smile or anything. I tried rubbing it off until one day I saw that he was messaging her at like 2 am really late and I was like uhhh okay and he insisted it was strictly work related. I shrug it off because he was the assistant manager, so it made sense.

So now we’re at his birthday. He’s turning 21! We are so excited to finally be able to go out and drink together and I had everything all planned out, we both took about five days off of work and I got us a nice hotel room at the Hilton and we went out drinking and all the drinks were on me cause I was so excited for his birthday. I spent so much time and money trying to make everything so perfect. Not even two weeks later though, he dumbs my ass. It was completely unexpected and I was confused and heartbroken. He repeatedly said that it wasn’t me and that there wasn’t anyone else.

Well, about two weeks after the break up, his older brother and his girlfriend were having a party for their baby and like I mentioned, I was pretty close with everyone in his family, so I decided to put aside our differences and I went to the party. Needless to say, it was awkward. He tried talking to me and I ignored him at first. But then He was sweet and then we left the party together and had sex. Yeah, I’m an idiot. But, The best part? After he finishes, he tells me he had sex with someone else. I was hurt. I immediately asked who. This dumbass says “guess” as if this is some kind of game?! And I immediately say her name. The bitch from work, I say “dumbass #2” and he just shakes his head yes. I get so angry and I push him and just storm away in my car. I delete him off of everything. Block him on social media. But the thing is, within the span of maybe a couple months, we met up to have sex. I agreed because in my head, I figured he wanted me back. But nope. Just wanted the sex.

So dumbass has a friend, pendejo, and pendejo, dumbass and I actually all worked together. And when the whole break up with dumbass went down, pendejo decided to block me off everything. But about A month ago in October, pendejo decided to add me on IG, I accepted just because I wanted to see wtf he wants. He spills it all. Dumbass had been cheating on me since that day he never came home. Dumbass told pendejo to cover for him in case I went to him asking questions. He claims that dumbass had so much unprotected sex with dumbass #2 and then would come to me later and have sex with me, unprotected. I felt disgusting (thankfully I have gotten tested since then). The sucky part? Dumbass #2 had a boyfriend. So both of these mother fuckers had partners and both cheated. It’s disgusting.

And before I forget. Dumbass cheated on Dumbass #2 with another girl and now they broke up. Dumbass called me and texted me nonstop to see if I could hang out and so that we can just see each other, lol. I ignored them all. He even emailed me telling me how he fucked up and how he broke up with dumbass #2 because he couldn’t stop thinking of me (lol, she broke up with him because he’s a cheater!)

I can’t believe I let this little boy make me feel worthless, lol. I wish I would have known from the beginning that he cheated.

Because I would have never gone back and had sex with him all those times. It’s funny to look back. He would call me a jealous psycho girlfriend because I knew something was up with him and dumbass #2. He always denied it and made me look like the insane one. I still have pendejo on IG, I’m angry he didn’t tell me from the beginning. He confessed that he even gave dumbass advice on how to not get caught by me while cheating with her. He said he felt bad and that I deserved to know the truth. Should I block him? I also still have his family on IG, should I just block them also? Nothing bad happened between us, but I think they knew what happened and of course they wouldn’t want to tell me.

Anyways, once a cheater always a cheater. I’m glad things happened the way they did. It was honestly a blessing in disguise.