In need of stories of Good Relationships

I’m just starting to loose hope that there are “good men” out there. And are after stories of hope.

I’ve only had three major relationships.

1. We were in high school (16-18) but he was emotionally abusive and controlling. He would try tell me I couldn’t talk to the guys in my group projects and would say things like when I was grieving over a family members suicide, he said maybe they deserved to die. He pushed me several times at the school ball because a guy classmate came to talk to me in the drinks line.

2. I was 18 he was 21. I thought we were really happy and I guess I was just naive cause it turned out he cheated earlier in the relationship and was being blackmailed and sending them money so they wouldn’t tell me. That happened for the whole relationship till all the truth came out and I left. He went off the rails after that breakup. He still tries to get back with me and says that was the worst mistake of his life. It’s been 3-4 years.

I pretty much swore off relationships for quite some time.

3. The relationship I’m in now. I’m pregnant and found out he was talking to other girls on and off this whole relationship despite getting caught the first time. I know it’s time I leave cause I just can’t move past it. I’ve been left feeling so insecure in myself, which is sad because I use to feel so pretty and sure of myself after working hard to overcome my lack of confidence, but now I feel like I’m back at square one again cause of this relationship :(

All the males in my life (and I literally mean all of them) my dad, uncles, grandads - have all cheated multiple times in my family. It’s almost normalised. But I know it’s not normal or something I want in my life.

I know there’s good men out there. Im sure of it. I just haven’t seen any :(

can people please share their stories of good, loving and trusting husbands?

I need some hope...