Something is off wiht my husband

So my husband and I are watching tv and I drift off to sleep for probably 5 min and wake up to ask what happened to movie we were watching. He completely ignores me and clicks through channels. So then he mumbles, I ain’t watching no movie with strippers, mind you last scene I saw had ladies in bikinis dancing on a pole. Big deal it was some type of drug lord movie on Netflix. Then he proceeds to tell me to go back to sleep but I asked could he turn back to movie it was actually good and not because of the supposed nude scene. He then says what if we had kids there are boundaries. We have no kids and we just lost our baby to a miscarriage. Why the fuck would he even bring that up to trigger my anger?? It’s like he cannot watch a movie that has nudity in it like he is a damn child. We are two grown adults. Little does he know I have been planning a surprise birthday party for him and he keeps pissing me off over past two weeks. I’m already dealing with depression from the loss of our baby and he wants to nitpick over dumb stuff. Maybe I’m just venting or is something odd about that? He stares in space sometimes and conversation doesn’t makes sense.

Update- thanks everyone for your feedback- We talked and things are better. He could have fast forwarded it but he watched it and didn’t say anything until later after I woke up from drifting off to sleep. I’m just taking marriage one day at a time it’s unpredictable never know what a disagreement will come from