Who else bf or husband does this?

We both work 40 hours a week. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 2 years and it seems I ALWAYS have to tell him to do the dishes. He rarely cooks & says it my chores and Job to and he uses to wash the laundry but now that we bought a washer & dryer, I’m stuck washing clothes because he would just let the laundry sit there for 2 weeks before touching it (I need fresh uniform for work and school cleaned every week) I’m also supposed to be the one vacuuming too because he says it’s my chore and job. His own job was laundry and washing dishes. We have a dish washer and we have piles of dishes in the sink. He would only do 1 load and then walk away and level it there all night. I then find myself doing it later because he would just let the dishes sit there. Everytime he’d leave piles of dishes and not once is the sink empty. Whenever I tell her to do it, he says he would, do one load and walk away. I finally got fed up and I told him I want him to move out because he’s pretty much useless and doesn’t help me at all! I’m frustrated & to make matters worst, my grandmother passed away & I thought maybe he would sympathize with me more be nicer and understanding.. instead, he wants to argue and gaslight next telling me what I’ve done wrong and that I haven’t vaccumed in almost 2 weeks and that I barely put away the laundry after letting it sit in the laundry bin for 3 days. What should I do?