Toddler’s demonic possession... long post

themrs • Mommy of two angels and two little girls ❤️❤️❤️

its the only explanation I can think of. She went to bed last night as my totally normal 3 year old little girl. Some where around 10:00pm she left and some demonic insomniac entered. She went to bed as normal at 8:00 but she woke up at 10:00 crying I go in her room to ask her why. She literally screamed at me and told me to go away so I did. She just kept crying and I kept going in there. by almost 11 she FINALLY tells me her mouth hurts I look in her mouth hurts. I look there's zero reason but she is so insistent so I give her Tylenol and some kids oragel. I tell her good night and that I love her. I no sooner shut her door and she's hysterical again. Her mouth still hurts. I explain to her she has to give the medicine time to work. It continued like this until she FINALLY fell back asleep around midnight. At 1:00 she starts in again I go in there and ask what's going on but she won't talk to me so I assume she's having a night terror. I sit down on her bed next to her and rub her back until she stops. At 2:30 she's yelling for me I go in there and she hysterical that her musical projector isn't singing so I turn it back on. She wants to get up. I tell her no it's the middle of the night she FINALLY goes back to sleep. At 4:45 she says she needs to potty. We get up and go to the bathroom. She won't go but her pull up was wet so I went to change her pull up and she has a meltdown over the panties I tried to put on her. She doesn't like them. She needs a different pair I get her a different pair. She wants cereal I get her some cereal. no now she's rather lay down in my bed. We go lay down in my bed she has a melt down that she can't have one of our king size pillows to herself. I'm so exhausted I ended up in her bed but I have no idea when that happened or how. She comes in there and is mad I'm in her bed so I lay her back down and go back to my bed. She got up and followed me in there. Here we are 45 minutes since then and she is currently practicing gymnastics.

Disclaimer**** Obviously I know she’s not possessed. It’s a joke. She’s just been acting so extra.