Advice Please- Should I stay at home?

Adriana • 👧🏻 5/2016 👶🏻 7/2018 🤰🏻7/2020

So husband and I just found out we are being blessed with #3 😊 We have a 3 and a 1 year old already. We are both working professionals and were able to fix our schedules so that he took care of the girls during the day and I would take care of them the afternoons and nights. It’s great for our daughters but a struggle for us since we hardly see each other and we take care of them on our own. However, now with #3 on the way we are thinking about me possibly staying at home. It’s a lot on my husband to watch them from 6-3 and then work from 3:30-12 and he works in the medical field so it’s really high stress as well. Child care is so expensive that for 3 kiddos it would basically be most of my paycheck and we don’t live near any family to help us. However, I absolutely LOVE my job. I searched for years and finally found the position I love and I would lose that. Also, we live in San Diego so it is not cheap to live here and we don’t know if we will make it financially on one income, if we can it will be TIGHT. I will obviously leave in a heartbeat if it’s what’s best for our family I’m just not sure that it is. Do we live comfortably but stressed out caring for 3 littles by ourselves and basically not having a relationship or live on a really tight budget for several years and have money be the source of our stress? We are happy and feel beyond blessed for our growing family, we just don’t know what’s best right now for our home situation.