Guy asks for 4some?

mrs. palavicini • #momof3angels

Well, I have to admit that this kind of was unexpected. I just moved to my husband's home town of hot springs not even 4months ago and I have gotten this message already. I'm not going to lie it wasn't expected. One day my phone dinged and my husband hurried up and opened it because let's get real If someone messaged me it is either a diar emergency or one of those forward things. He asked me who it was and I just shook my head saying I don't know. Well he only said can I ask you a question so my husband excepted the request and replied yes. So 5 days later aka today he sent me this. My husband's at work so I can't bother him since today is his day to prove to his boss that he can step up and be a manager over a bed and breakfast while there gone. I don't know how to respond to this .....all Arkansas cares about is sex. What happened to making your relationship work? If it's not working then how can a 4some help? I guarantee my hubby isn't sticking his Thor (code for when his daughter is here) into no other women. And no man is bothering me!