I finally left my abusive ex bf yesterday!


My friends really opened my eyes to how poorly he treated me. He would insult me and put me down all the time. Then he would claim that he was such a great guy and that I was just ungateful. He would call me fat, ugly, stupid, useless, whore, slut, bitch discusting “as a joke”. He constantly disrespected me, my family, and my friends. He did not want me going to college or doing anything with my life. He was always paranoid that I was cheating even though I was always loyal to him. He would tell me what to do and treat me like I was his property. He would tell me that I dress like a whore. He was aloud to go out drinking and clubbing with his friends with girls grinding on his friends but I was not aloud to go clubbing (unless he was there to watch me). I was not “aloud” to do certain things that he was. He always told me that he treated me like a princess but really he only treated me well when he was in a good mood and it was convinent for him. When he was in a bad mood he took it out on me. He told me I was “chubby” when I only weighed 110 pounds and he actually was very overweight. He would accuse me of checking out his friends when I wasnt. He pressured me into having sex with him when I was not ready. I was a virgin and he took my virginity. He complained about how I would not sleep with him for weeks until I finally gave in and slept with him. He thought that since he was my boyfriend, he was entitled to my body and if I did not give him what he wanted then I was a bad gf. The first time we slept together the first thing he did afterwards was text his whole group of friends to brag about it. Then he even called one to tell him right in front of me. He never had any respect for me. H called me “selfish” for making him weight 7 months before giving him my virginity. He brainwashed me into thinking that everything was my fault. He would get pissed if I went to long without ansering his texts and then ignore me for days. But at the same time he was so afraid of losing me that he kept me on a tight leash. I thought about waiting a while to see if I truely wanted to leave him. He came to my house to hang out with me and randomly started saying that my friends were “fat sluts”. Not a single one of them are overweight but he is. I stood up to him and said that he actually is overweight and they are not. He said that it is ok for him to be heavy because he is a man and not a woman. Then he proceded to tell me that I have a muffin top and was fat. That was the finale straw for me. I calmed down. Then I told him that we should go for a ride and while we were in the car I broke up with him. He showed no emotion and was stone cold. He seemed bitter. He said “I am sure that you will find another man very fast. I am easily replacable”. I was very nice to him and tryed not to hurt his feelings during the breakup. I feel so free now. I am not even that sad mainly just relieved and I have only cryed once. I know that there is a man for me somewhere who will love, appreciate, and respect me. My ex is not that man. I hope I never have to see him again and I hope that karma comes back to him. My friends were so proud of me and we had a girls night. I am now looking forward to my future. I will take my “muffin top” to man who actually apreciates it.