feel so alone..


I’m just tired of me always going thru bs

my husband always cheating on me , beating On me , and his family always justifying his behavior. We have twin daughters together . I had to call the cops on him Tuesday because he was beating me up and pushed my son (not his biological son) and it pissed me off . He already had warrants for leaving the state without permission from his p.o .

we had split in august , and Tuesday he came back and did this to me .

i just wish I didn’t have to go thru any of this . All I do is give him unconditional love and support regardless of all the shit he does to me & somehow it’s still my fault . Thanksgiving and Xmas is coming up and he didnt think about the kids or me , I just feel soooo bad , that my girls won’t have their dad around for the holidays , he will miss their first everything . I just really need someone to talk to on the phone about this 😞💔 I’m seriously not okay and feel like a shitty ass person