Is this normal

When you were going through your miscarriage were your doctors/nurses supportive? I'm 99% sure I'm experiencing a miscarriage, have been bleeding on and off since Friday night with heavy bleeding Monday and passed a very large clot, I can only assume was the beginning of my baby (I should be 7 weeks 2 days today). I didn't go to an ER during the weekend as I wasn't in intense pain that I couldn't handle at home, and called my Dr office first thing Monday morning, explained what was going on and the receptionist said "we don't do same day appts." Um what? A nurse called me and said my numbers from last week look fine (they let me check hcg because I was spotting all last week). I explained the bleeding and she said "some women bleed significantly and everything is fine, we can check your numbers this week again." Um what? I've literally been crying and bleeding and cramping badly all weekend and you're telling me this could be normal? I get that she can't confirm anything without running tests but I feel like they are treating me like I'm overreacting. Did you see a Dr if you miscarried around 7 weeks? This is/was my first pregnancy and I've had such a difficult time getting information that's not in Internet forums, it's very frustrating and isolating.