Why is my son fussy all the time?


I know he doesn't have colic. He rarely cries. The odd thing is, he like whines... He'll be 3 months old in 2 days. And He's overall just an unhappy baby. I feel terrible because we don't do anything to upset him...

He can be fed, not tired, bathed, changed, etc. And he still just doesn't want held or messed with... I have to leave him in his bouncer most the day which kills me... As soon as I pick him up, he's okay for a little while, but I have to walk him around holding him upright... He's happy when I let him "stand" and oddly when he's held in the kitchen with the lights on... But I don't understand what his deal is?

Like even when we take him to the doc, they always diagnose his with fussy baby... He has reflux and has been on meds for it. Was recently.diagnosed with eczema and has med lotion for THAT as well... He does have a cold, but his grumpiness started before the cold.

Anyone know what is wrong? Is it gas? He gets gripe water.

Does he just hate us? Or is he just born grumpy?