Should a President have the ability to pardon War Crimes?

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This week in trump news, he pardoned 3 men of war crimes. War Crimes classified by the Geneva convention. One man serving a 20 year sentence for 2nd degree murder of civilians. Another soldier preemptively who has not been Convicted but charged with the 2nd degree killing of civilians. And the pardon of a navy seal taking pictures along the side of a killed teenager IS fighter. Military senior officials are having trouble accepting trump's pardon over these 3 individuals and that it sets a lower standard of Decorum for our elite Military members. What are your thoughts? This military members went against their military oath as well as the Geneva convention. And now others are wanting pardons as well for blatant military war crimes.

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I personally feel that our military officials should have the ability to discipline our military members by their own designated military board. That's why we have court marshals. I feel maybe at best our president could ask for an overview of the individuals military form and ask for leniency or another investigation. But Trump gave back a Seal his title after it was stripped from him. Letting him retire as a Seal even though he broke his sacred Navy Seal oath. It's spitting in the face of our Seals that uphold their oath every day. I personally think the President did this for political purposes only, he asked the 3 gentlemen to join him on his campaign to show how pro-military he is when all he did was shit on our military process and oaths..

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