It's 3:00 AM and she has a fever.


It's night and my husband isn't here. My daughter has a fever. She is going to be 6 months old on 4 December. She wasn't in a good mood all day but she wasn't hot like she is right now. She didn't drink milk with heart. I just forced her to drink. She pooped more than 3 times. Usually she poops only 2 times and sometimes jist one time. Now I felt like she was hot and I went out to find a thermometer. I found one and checked her. 100.1 °F. I gave her panadol as thjr doctor told me when she was 4 months old and had a fever. As it is very cold nowadays. I cover her up as much as possible. Socks, sweater, vest etc.. Should i take them offf? So that the temperature goes down or something? She is still refusing to take milk. She isn't letting the milk pass her tongue. What should I do? How can i make her feel better?