People kissing my baby

Maria • 06.06.19

It shocks me how there are so many posts about cases where someone kissed a baby & that baby is now severely sick or passed away circulating the internet & yet people still do it!!!! What is wrong with people?

I’m having this issue where I am being undermined by my boyfriend & his family. I keep expressing that I don’t want people to kiss our baby, family or not. I’ve been sick & haven’t kissed him in over a week so why would I let other people??? They seem to not care & still do it. I’ve been struggling to speak up about it because I don’t want to cause problems or hurt peoples feeling but idgaf anymore. It seems me being a bitch is the only way it’ll get through to them. The fact that my boyfriend wnt back me up on this is irritating as fuck too. It’s simple just don’t kiss my baby, what so hard about that?

I’m at this point where if people don’t respect me & my wishes as a mother you can fuckin beat it.