Premie #3

Jessika • ♥️ 26 year old mommy to a 7 year old little man 9/9/12 👦🏼 • lost my sweet 2nd son 9/5/17 31 weeks 6 days 👼🏻 • Rainbow born 11/12/18 🌈 she is a meningitis survivor 🙏🏼 & is deaf 🤟🏼

I’m only 12 weeks with my 4th baby but I was already told to start mentally preparing for another preemie who will need NICU time 🥺

It’s so hard to mentally prepare.

My 1st preemie was 32 weeks and did not survive

My 2nd was 36 weeks and was in nicu 11 days then in PICU for 21 days

I’ll be starting progesterone at 12 weeks to try to keep Baby in as long as we can 🙏🏼♥️

Hope all your sweet preemies are doing well this thanksgiving! Everyone of them gives me hope that we can and WILL make it though 👊🏼