Need advice

I am 27 weeks and on Momday was told I have a mild case of pneumonia. My husbands old military buddy passed away and the funeral

Is Friday. Since I knew I was sick I wasn’t going to go, it’s about a 10 hr drive 1 way. Well he decides that he wants to spend thanksgiving with this guys family who he has never met. So he left tonight. And left me alone. Sick. With no car until Saturday. His mom lives about 25 min away and said she would pick me up if I wanted to go to their thanksgiving. I’m now laying in bed at 2 am crying and I can’t think but how selfish he is. I don’t care that he’s going to the funeral but to leave me alone on the holiday when it wasn’t necessary just really bothers me. This is the last straw of many selfish things he’s done while I’ve been pregnant. Like going out and getting so drunk he pees himself while asleep. I don’t know why he’s acting like this. But i dont how to talk to him. How do you tell someone they are a selfish ass? Also our 9 year anniversary is Sunday. I just have felt so alone in this pregnancy.