S/O controlling when I sleep

So my S/O has been the worst , being more demanding, physical and verbally aggressive. I KNOW you’re probably wondering why I haven’t left him, and that I’m so stupid for letting it happen to me. Part of me wants to leave but I feel like I’m trapped because I’ve been in love with this man for over 9 years, and no matter how hard I try to leave or anything I just feel like I’m trapped. He’s now controlling when I have to sleep, if he’s tired then he demands I sleep at the same time as him so that I don’t go texting other guys. The only people I text are my friends (girls). I’m so conflicted because he has never acted like this before and now suddenly for the past couple of months he’s been like this. I know I’m going to get hate saying that I’m so naive but it’s hard when you’re stuck in a situation like this. What can I do.. ?