Advice please!

Anna • Madeleine 06/08/19

Need advice. I'm a FTM. I have severe anxiety when it comes to my child. I don't want her out of eyesight for even a second. When people hold her, even close family, I cringe. I don't like it. I don't feel the need to pass her around all night. Every time I voice this concern I always get "She's fine!" "You can trust me!" "You're being ridiculous/stubborn!" I have to always explain to people I don't want them walking away with her. When visiting family most of the people take her and refuse to give her back. They want to feed her and change her.( We do not let any men change her other than her father.) I want my daughter to know her family and have a relationship with them, but there's times when we're with family I can't even hold my daughter. It honestly makes me feel trapped in that situation, like I don't have rights to my own child. How do you deal with the pushy overbearing family?