Am i wrong?


So long story short I'm married to a man who has 3 kids with the same woman. There is a history there of kid withholding abuse of course as we got married we began to create memories and milestones of our own but it seems like every milestone we have he is unable to keep in mind that he isn't 1. In a relationship with another person and 2. He needs to consider my feelings as well. For weeks we planned our courthouse wedding and the day of he doesn't wanna take pictures or be in a good mood because he says its not right without his kids. Here we are coming on thanksgiving and Christmas and its the same tune. He is unhappy. This would be our first holidays together am I wrong for feeling like maybe he should have gotten that in order prior to being in a relationship or am I being selfish? I have no kids by the way and he is not the first person I have dated with kids. Previous partners actually had custody so I'm not concerned with the kids beinroundg