Little one gassy

Chequitta • 26 years old ♉️, Surgical Technologist! 😷🏥💉, Mommy to my baby girl, born 9/27/19 👶🏽🤰🏽

Here it is 2:52 am in N.C. and I’m unable to go back to sleep. My little one (2 months old) sounded like she was choking in her sleep. BTW, this same thing happened earlier today. After patting her back and suctioning her out she spits up (multiple times) this thick spit/mucus that was clear. But she takes a while and struggles to catch her breath. She seems like she’s got more in her throat but she seems fine now breathing wise. I have also noticed that she’s REALLY gassy at night. I’m talking burping like an adult lol and passing LOTS of gas. Do you think the two are related? Could the gas be causing her to spit up? Maybe she’s sick? Any advice would be appreciated!