My husband can take that where the sun don't shine.

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My husband didn't believe me when I said I get up as often as i do at night, because he sleeps like an angel 🙄 I took the oppurtunity of him finally being on nightshift to let him know. She usually takes a half hour to feed at night. Some nights she wakes up more than that.

*Disclaimer, i have tried everything under the sun and every method to get her to sleep. She was sleep trained to where she would fall asleep/back asleep by herself and only wake at 3 to eat and sleep 8:30 PM- 8:00 AM until her 4 month sleep regression and then it was touch and go, crying it out most definetly doesnt work for her, tylonel, burping, feeding more, noise on, noise off, swaddled, unswaddled, cosleeping, sleep suits, hot mist humidifier, cold mist humidifier, warmer room, colder room, gas drops, less solids, more solids. I did it all.

I have a toddler so i go to sleep at 9:00 after he is asleep. Since her fifth leap starts she now wakes up at 5:00 AM.

But i love her 🤪