Am I overreacting?

Sooo when my boyfriend and I got together he was always constantly holding me, kissing me, etc. Fast forward 4 years later with a baby on the way. While we waited for the food to be ready we took a nap and I couldn’t help but think about how he hasn’t cuddled or made out with me for approximately 3 years, we give each other 1 kiss every morning before work and that’s about it for the day. Every time I try to cuddle him he would say he didn’t like breathing in my hot air or getting sweaty. I brushed it off because I understood at the time. Now when I see him cuddling our dog or the pillow I start to feel like maybe it’s me that he doesn’t like to cuddle with🤔 I spoke with him about it earlier and all he said was “really this again? I told you I don’t like overheating.. blah blah blah” now I’m here crying thinking my relationship is falling apart lol. Could I be overthinking or has he lost interest? I understand relationships change over time when two people get comfortable but it’s just 🤯 I don’t want to make deal out of this but pregnancy has made me a huge cuddler and he is fully aware of it but does nothing to comfort me 😞 what would y’all do??

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