Question ladies !!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone , first !!

Secondly , I have a question ladies . So usually both my husbands parents and my parents cook on Thanksgiving and we go to both of their houses . Well this year my brothers got a new place and I recommended having Thanksgiving there. My brothers ended up deciding that they wanted to have it at my house since my house is bigger . My mother in law didn’t mention anything about Thanksgiving besides what were the plans for this year and what was I cooking . Needless to say , I didn’t respond because I knew that I wasn’t doing all the cooking and I just wasn’t in the mood at that time to respond. Well a week ago my sister in law suggested going to a restaurant and a movie for thanksgiving which automatically was a no for me . I want to be home and relaxing on my day off . Plus the restaurant only serves food from the country Turkey . Also because my mom had already spent $200 plus on buying food to cook at my house . Well my husband decided that he would still go with his mom and dad and sister and her kids to the restaurant and was going to take our youngest child . Now I am feeling like he should’ve stayed home with his wife and children ! I understand that his family probably wanted to see him and him wanting to see them but his sister is there with her husband and his mom and dad are together at the restaurant. Meanwhile his wife is at home 🙄. He didn’t even ask to see if my oldest son wanted to go or not . He just took the child that we have together. I can’t help but feel like his only concern was pleasing his family when he could’ve seen them after they came from dinner . I mean ... they only live 15 mins away from us . What do you ladies think ?