Help me please

So it’s thanksgiving. I’m not feeling good at all. My throat is sore and I’m barely on maybe and I mean MAYBE 2 hours of sleep. My boyfriend knows I’m not feeling good at all and I’m wanting to go home. He’s yelling at me about “spending time together” even though I see him EVERY SINGLE DAY. We have been together for almost 4 hours and I’ve slept some of it. (Long car rides)

Am I wrong for wanting to go home and sleep? Is it wrong for him to be yelling at me? He keeps using ultimatums and is trying to control what I do. Whenever I’m on my phone he constantly is over my shoulder for literally no reason. Who is that? What is that? If I don’t tell him he says “oh no here we go” when nothing has even happened. Even his own sister asked why he was having issues. Also we haven’t had sex is about a week. One I haven’t been feeling good and two “that time of the month” is soon. He knows I always get really groggy and have super bad cramps. But then says WOW SINCE YOU WONT HAVE SEX WITH ME IT MEANS YOU ARENT ATTRACTED TO ME. then tries to guilt trip me into having sex. We can’t even lay down and cuddle without him trying to rub up on me. I tell him to stop and his legit has a hissy fit. Then another issue is he NEVER listens. I am always having to repeat myself over and over and over. Then he gets pissed at me for not wanting to repeat what I said 20 times over.

Please give me advice. Am I wrong!?!?