So my sister and mom don't have the best relationship. They get into arguments all the time. My sister tells me she wants to kill herself and she wants to move out bc she hates being home. She started drinking at 13. She does drugs too. She's 17. She wants to tell the doctors that she feels and does this. But she's afraid about social workers and etc.

My mom and dad don't get along most of the time. They argue a lot. My siblings and I except for the younger one are used to it. We grew up around it and at this point, we don't really care where their relationship goes.

My mom comes from a broken family that involved abuse from her alcoholic father.

Well, my mom puts down my sister a lot and tells her things as she will never graduate. My sister is sick of it. And at my house, we don't really express our feelings .

It saddens me that my sister feels like that and I have those days where I hate being home and want to run away. I used to cry all the time when I was in sixth-grade bc of it and I got to much to the point I cried while walking home with my friends.

I hate to say but I want to leave this house.

This is all over the place sorry.