36 weeks pregnant and feelings like trash 😭.

Went to the ER/L+D because I kept puking and my fever was up and my head was pounding (doctors orders), went in. Got stuck in a room for about an hour, mind me I asked for water because I’m like choking and keep dry heaving. Nope she just disappeared. My husband is getting mad because no one is helping. After she came back in she so oh my to my contraction papers and tore them off and left. (For about another hour), I was there for going on two hours laying in a bed, a shitty one at that. She came in and said the on call doctor thinks you have the flu and sent me home. I’m like, no test? Nothing?! Not even going to take my temperature, my husband said I puked up a bunch of red before I came in and all she said was “oh no that’s not good” and said well make sure to take lots of fluids. I made the comment they fluids won’t stay down, (felt very dehydrated at this point and my ob doctor wanted me to come in to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated), he was worried I was having preeclampsia symptoms but no one checked! So now almost 48 hours later, still puking, still dizzy and not being able to stay standing, hot with chills. FEEL LIKE IM DYING 😭. All while being 36 weeks pregnant.

Anyone please. Any AT HOME! Remedies for the flu, a runny nose, and an upset stomach. Something to make me sleep.

Please don’t tell me to mix alcohol with tea, no DayQuil or NyQuil. I was told no on taking anything but Tylenol. HELP😭😭😭