Driving anxiety

Ok so I'm in my early 30s and I've lived overseas for the last 15 yrs so never had the need for driving until recently when I relocated to be with my now husband to a very suburban area where i just need to drive or be stuck at home every day ~i was used to being in big cities with great public transport ~

I am absolutely terrified to drive. I get really bad anxiety the few times I've tried and although i am.taking some lessons with an instructor I'm dread the idea of taking the driving test and eventually driving alone someday.

Any other adult driving learners ? Or people who got over driving anxiety? Everyone says practice will help build confidence but i just cant bring myself to even keep up a continuous prsctice. I seem to be very harsh on myself when i make mistakes thinking i am older i should be able to do this by now and this makes me feel even more down because I feel so embarassed I can't drive. I literally think about how afraid i am of driving every day.

Any tips or encouraging thoughts ?