Buy? Rent? Help!

Rent prices in my area are $800-1100. My husband is established in his career, and makes good money. I am in nursing school but still working and making decent money. Our current lease is up soon and we can’t decide if we want to rent again or buy a small condo.

I would prefer buying a condo because our mortgage payment would be less than rent (with homeowners insurance, and other stuff). Also, when we’re ready to buy a home, we’ll have some resell value from the condo to put down on the house.

Husband wants to rent because he’s stuck in the fact that if something breaks or goes wrong, we’re financially responsible rather than a landlord. But, not everyone can actually afford home repairs, right? Like, of course if it’s something simple we could cover it, but if we need a new roof (example) we could make payments on it, like some other people would, right?

I guess I’m just stuck. I really want to buy so we don’t have to go through this in another year, at the end of another lease. Also, I’m not making much money right now so $1100 in rent plus all utilities is getting to be too much. Estimated mortgage & insurance would be about $500-700 for the area/condos I’m looking at.

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