His Daughter's ER bill is $531


Just venting that my sorry ass baby daddy refuses to help with anything for his daughter. This child is now 5 years old (almost 5 years 6 months ) and he hasn't helped with anything!!

I tried putting him on child support but he's already paying for 2 other kids so he job hops just as often as he changes his underwear. Then his girlfriend has the nerve to keep calling and asking can they get my daughter for a visit!

Bitch! Y'all don't even have the child Y'ALL made!! Your family has him! So no!

The one time I'm unable to cover a bill 100% for her, he promised to come through this time and didn't.

Idk why I'm so annoyed about this! It was to be expected but this is the first time I've ever asked for his help!

My mother keeps telling me to put him on child support and get him for retroactive support for the average minimum wage salary for 4 years (In TX they can only go back 4 years in total) but I really don't want to waste my time or my daughter's because she won't ever see that $$ from him.

To think I lived with this man and was engaged!! Ugh!

**Just adding: I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. That wasn't my intention when venting about this. When I say I've tried putting him on child support, I HAVE TRIED! My daughter will barely get $40 and per the state that's not enough to pursue because he would owe the state first (for court cost and other fees). The only thing left to do is go after 4 years of back child support but that won't gurantee anything for my daughter because he's already behind for 2 other kids. So don't attack me saying I haven't tried! I know what I've done. I'm venting about what he should be doing**