Potential Grooming?

So a couple months back, I started working at my first job at 16 going into 17 years old. This coworker of mine started off staring at me, blankly staring at me. It made me uncomfortable but at the same time I just thought to myself that it was nothing more than a stare and he was cute so I guess it was fine. Then for my job we had to go somewhere with him in the work car to pick things up from the store and so I introduced myself. I said “Hi my name is ___” and he told me his. I proceeded to small talk...asking him if he was in college and he said he just graduated and then he asked me if I was. And I told him “no I’m a senior in high school” and he was like “oh okay so that means you’re 17.” And I was like “yea I am. well about to turn 17 in September” And he tells me he is “22 years old.” And then asks me if “I party a lot” and I was like “nope I’m not really into that.” And he was like “are you the middle child? Because middle children are always the most wild.” And I was like “nope the youngest, and he was like do you drink or smoke and I was like I’ve tried but don’t do it often.” And he was like “wow you’re really innocent then.” Which I agreed with. Fast forward a couple days, I’m at a nearby gas station just walking back because I’m in the process of getting my license. And he offers me a ride in his car, which I know I shouldn’t take but he’s my coworker so I thought it wouldn’t hurt cause it’s a nice thing to do right. Then he asks me “so you’re 17 right? What high school do you go to?” And I tell him, back at work he sits next to me and we talk and I tell him about my sisters bf friends asking if she had a sister and he was like “yea cause they want to smash” and I was like ? Why would he say that when we are at work. Then he asks me for my Snapchat, so I give it to him. And then at home, he texts me “can I be real with you?” And I was like “yea what’s up?” Thinking it was something about work. Nope, he says, “nvm I can’t tell you it’s bad you’re 16.” And I was like “you might as well tell me.” And he says “well I want to fuck the shit out of you.” THAT caught me so off guard, because I was so confused like I’ve never had this happen to me. Other things have happened things happened but that is all I am comfortable with saying. And we did things. And he’s told me not to tell anyone. I am currently 17 now.

I guess the question I have is, is this considered grooming? Am I wrong for this?