Rant and advice

Cassie • 26 ♊️ | MMC Jan 2018 👼🏼 | mama to Nathan 06.06.2019 🌈

To some I might sound crazy but I lost my first pregnancy so now with my rainbow baby I’m super overprotected. I can’t help it.

Some might have seen one of my latest post about “mono”. To make things shorter we were able to contact my sons pediatrician after the holidays (she was on break when I had posted the post) but we also were able to get some info from clinics near by on what to do. We knew deep down already what we needed to do but we wanted some guidance. We were told by all of these sources that our little one shouldn’t be around his cousin during Xmas because of the recent diagnosis so we skipped it. They also informed us that it can take about 4-8 weeks to just be in the clear which is what we are doing. Mind you it’s only been about 3 weeks and my in-laws are buzzing at us. Since then they haven’t called us, I’m the one who told my bf to call his mom to wish her a merry Xmas and on New Year’s <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> because they didn’t call us. Clearly they are upset that we skipped Xmas and haven’t been around. But how do they want us to come around when the kids are always sick. It’s not like my SIL will stay home with them she leaves them at everyone else’s house even when they are sick. Then the adults get it so it’s a never ending situation of colds. we’re just taking precautions. Like I’m sorry but when I was young I didn’t get sick for the first year and half of my life. I know my son will eventually catch his first cold or whatever but if I could avoid him catching it from his little cousins I will!! We’ve been so lucky that our son hasn’t gotten sick or even a fever for that matter. I am breastfeeding so maybe that helps. My point is I know for a fact that when we do make our appearance comments will be said and I know forsure I won’t have the energy to nice. I don’t want to disrespect anyone but at this point they are disrespecting us by not understanding where we are coming from and that this is our child and we should be able to raise him however the fuck we want too. My bf has spoken to his mom today and obviously she mentioned that SIl kids are better and that the one who had mono never had mono she misunderstood the doctor when they gave her the diagnosis. (I call bs in my head) you either have it or don’t. There’s no misunderstanding the doctor. As a parent it’s your job to ask questions... am I wrong for feeling this way. I need some advice on what to say or do the next time I see these people. My mil literally tried to bribe my boyfriend by saying “oh you know Nathan’s Xmas gifts are still here, you need to come and get them soon” like no. We will come when we decide to come. URGHHH I’m sorry I needed to rant. I’ve ranted enough to my bf I’m sure he’s annoyed with me.

Thanks to those who read this. I appreciate it ♥️