Waking up every 2 hrs during the night

So my little one who was an amazing sleeper a week or two ago started waking back up at 2 am which we attributed to the crazy holiday schedule. Generslly he could easily be comforted back to bed no problem, occasionally needed to eat for maybe 3 minutes and would pass out till morning.

Last night he woke up every 2 hours and nursed for around 10 minutes each time. He finally woke up 7 am completely happy like he had a great nights rest. Hes not a big day napper but occasionally takes maybe a half hour to an hour nap in the afternoon. With 2 or 3, 15 minute naps. Today hes taken maybe 2, 15 minute naps and a 10 minute nap and has been completely happy.

He has two teeth, doesnt seem sick or seething, maybe a growth spirt? Anyone else sleep completely out of cycle and how long did it last for?